Spike TV Call of Duty – Blackmagic Cinema Camera



This is a short piece we directed for a Spike TV Call of Duty: Black Ops II launch special. DoP Gregg de Domenico shot with our Blackmagic Cinema Camera using AVID DNxHD175x Log. We used a Tokina 11-16mm Lens and a set of Leica-R Primes. The piece was then graded in Resolve 9 by Juan Salvo and delivered for air.

Previous to this shoot we had only used the BMCC in B-Roll/Behind the Scenes and Verite situations. This was a great real world test of the camera in an on location, high pressure, production environment. We sent audio to the camera using the Wooden Camera A-Box. The camera handled the audio signal so well that we never had to sync our second source audio and just kept it as emergency backup.

side note: As of now the camera does not meter audio levels in camera but does deliver audio over the HDSDI, we use an SDI monitor that has audio level meter support. 

For power we used the new Switronix PB70 V-Lock system. The great thing about the camera is that any power source plugged into the 12v port will also charge the internal battery so if your external battery dies the camera will not shut off mid record.

Stay tuned for an extensive review of BMCC menus, features and best practices.